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Do you love football? Can't you get out of your house? Or do you prefer to be a fan and not a gambler? You can kick the ball in soccer physics game, even if it's virtually, in this category of football games. In the more than 100 games of this category you will be able to become a soccer champion by putting yourself in the boots of your favorite player and leading your team until the end of the World Cup. If you find that very stressful, you can practice the most important sport skills: head the ball, do feints and aim for the arch. Try playing as a puppet or a professional player. The graphics of these games vary between cartoon. You can even quit the traditional games and choose challenges based on the laws of physics in which your ability to kick is your main tool to solve complicated games of wit. Play as a fan trying to reach the game instead of a player, give it a new sporty style to your uniform or get your pets involved in a dog soccer. In addition to all this there are many other ways to have fun with the hexagonal ball. No matter what type of game you prefer, you can always celebrate your love of football in this free online soccer physics game.

Soccer Physics Game


Football hobbies are as old as football itself. Enter the field always with the same foot, play with long sleeves or wear the anklets outside are some of the most classic.

Soccer is the opium of the people, transforming an old sentence of Marx in allusion to the dismal repercussion that provoked the churches on the mentality of the proletariat. Play Soccer Physics has come to the point of becoming a healthy addiction for millions of people around the world. In Cuba, where the ball has a national pastime, it has crept in such a way that it has not believed in history and tradition, and many consider that it has moved to baseball.

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On May 18, 1994, the AC Milan crushed the Barcelona of Johan Cruyff 4-0 in the final of the European Cup held in Athens. Calm down, and this is not another text in which soccer is elevated to the literary and philosophical category as if a soccer physics game was a significant thing. No. This article is something much banaler, and proof of this is that if we rescue that 4-0 to Barça is to talk about a stupid fact: in that game, the Italian footballer Marco Simone wore white boots.

It was the first time in the history of the King sport that a player used a different color than black on his feet. It was a breaker, but it was also the beginning of the end. With that seemingly inconsequential gesture, Simone shattered the romanticism of football and gave way to the so-called universal Soccer, that current Soccer enslaved by fashion and business. That sport in which the players (not all) have become a kind of cut by the same pattern.

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